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Paul Raffaelli – MedEquip Calibration & Procurement Services – Beware !!

Delinquent Customer Name:

Paul Raffaelli

Associated Business Name:

MedEquip Calibration & Procurement Services, LLC (MCAPS, LLC. – EIN # 47-2695132)

Current Address: 2017 Overview Drive | New Port Richey, FL 34655 | USA

Previous Address: 10117 Mizner Street | New Port Richey, FL 34655 | USA

Phone: (727) 808-1907

Potential Aliases/Previous Business Names:

G.R.Q. Enterprises, Inc. | 3901 NW 103RD Drive | Pompano Beach, FL 33065

ARS VIP Inc. | 3604 Town Ave. | New Port Richey, FL 34655

ARS VIP Inc. | 36129 Gastlake Road | Palm Harbor, FL 34685

Delinquency Overview:

  • Customer is severely past due, (over 60 days), with a balance owed of $9,500.00.
  • Customer is historically 12 days past due, (on average), with Net 30 day terms.
  • Customer stated “early next week” or that “it is coming” or that “i will get that check in the mail” once past due.
  • Customer stated on 1/4/18, (27 days past due), that he is waiting to be paid from his customer, (Ship To: Grady Health System), and that the delay is due to the “Hospital switched to 3rd party and its a nightmare”.
  • Customer stated on 1/19/18, (42 days past due), via phone conversation that “He does not have the money.”
  • Customer was given the option of a payment plan on 1/19/18 with a weekly payment frequency.
  • Customer agreed to the payment plan option, however has not made any weekly payments.
  • Customer was notified on 2/2/18 that either the outstanding amount needed to be paid in full by close of business on 2/9/18 or legal proceedings would be forthcoming.
  • Customer has stopped communicating as of 2/5/18.
  • Customer did not full-fill their contractual and legal obligations of payment by close of business on 2/9/18.
  • A personally signed credit application by Paul Raffaelli, (with security interest/agreement), is on file.
  • Public disclosure of the delinquency and legal proceedings are now underway.
  • 3/8/18 – Complaint, (29D05-1803-CC-002152), filed in the Superior Court of Hamilton County, Indiana for $9,500.00 plus interest, (1.5% compounded daily), attorney fees and costs, and for all other proper relief.
  • Update – 5/15/18 – The matter has been resolved by both parties.